a room that i take care of (2019)

responsive installation

stepper motors, disk cams, concrete blocks, spools, rubber cable, tall grasses, blower fans, sensors, found objects, custom hardware, custom software

a room that i take care of is a responsive installation that is composed yet cultivated for its uncertainties – a balance between automation and something looked after. It is an environmental reduction that emphasizes the rhythmic and patterned structure of observable phenomena to seek out shared qualities between the natural and built world. This is demonstrated through the actuation of kinetic sculptures that find influence in various environmental systems, such as the stridulatory mechanisms of sound-producing insects, elements of infrastructure, and patterns of wind.

The work emphasizes the self-balancing properties of natural systems as a critical response to society’s existing state of systematic complexity. In a time where full power over nature has been attained, rather than pressing forward, the work expresses a systems-based approach that is less about control and more about coexistence through balanced and shared relations. Such issues of complexity are examined through wistfully rethinking the relationship between the natural and human-made, promoting stability among built structures and non-human agents, as well as their shared surroundings.


2019, Ecology of the Edge, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

2019, An Unreal Unity, UCLA New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA